MISSION:  We support the community and the environment by reclaiming and redistributing quality food to those in ne

WHAT:  Recent studies estimate that 40% of food produced in the United States is wasted. We collect excess food that otherwise would be landfilled, and deliver it to Denver’s populations who lack sufficient food to meet basic needs. There is no cost to either the donor or the recipient

WHY: We Don’t Waste believes no one should go hungry. Colorado has the fastest-growing child-poverty rate in the nation (Denver Post, 4/13/2010). Poverty is often a barrier to opportunity and it is not limited to children. [A]gencies serving vulnerable populations are serving more working-poor families that are struggling to cover rising rents, food costs, and unanticipated expenses (Denver Post, December 16, 2016). While childhood poverty has decreased, nearly 16% of adults and 21% of children in Colorado still don’t know how they are going to eat daily. In 2014, nearly 300,000 individuals experienced significant food insecurity in the Denver metro area at some point during the year (Feeding America).